Job Posting Data Exports for
the BRICS Union

The pulse of the labour market!

Job Posting Data Exports

Interested in Job Postings from the BRICS Union? Our Job data stream gives you access to ~5.4k Job Postings per day or ~163.3k per month from these countries.

We enable you to collect and filter large amounts of job postings without developing, maintaining, and operating your own job crawling and scraping infrastructure!

Perfect when you want to support use cases such as:

  • Enrich / Backfill your Job Board
  • Analyze job posting structure and content
  • Extract company signals for sales intelligence
  • Generate leads for Staffing Companies
  • Improve your strategic market intelligence
  • Extract skills in demand
  • Boost your competitive intelligence
  • Analyze employer presentation and branding portayals
  • or need a job postings API for other reasons!

Send us your needs and let's talk!

Our data can be accessed as daily datasets for each country via AWS S3 (with special SLAs) or via our API hosted on RapidAPI!

Please note: To give a first impression of our data we published an excerpt on Kaggle that contains 3.4 million International Job Postings from September 2021(Beware: it has a size of 50GB)

Techmap's Job Statistics

Techmap's Job Statistics for the BRICS Union

South Africa89842.5k
*: LQ = Last Quarter
**: AT = All Time