Bahir Dar Zuria

Amhara, Ethiopia

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GeoPoint: 11.25 , 37.1667  

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Bahir Dar Zuria (Amharic ባህር ዳር ዙሪያ "Greater Bahir Dar Area ") is one of the woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Mirab Gojjam Zone, this woreda is bordered on the south by Yilmana Densa, on the southwest by Mecha, on the northwest by the which separates it from Semien Achefer, on the north by Lake Tana, on the shores of Lake Tana situates the city and special zone of Bahir Dar, and on the east by the Abay River which separates it from the Debub Gondar Zone. Bahir Dar Zuria includes the forested Zege Peninsula, known for its numerous medieval churches, of which the best known is Ura Kidane Mehret, and associated monasteries. Other points of interest include the Tis Issat falls, and Dilde, better known as the Portuguese Bridge, over the Abay at Alata, about half a mile below the falls. A survey of the land in this woreda shows that 21% is arable or cultivable, 9% pasture, 8% forest or shrubland, 36% covered with water, and the remaining 26% is considered degraded or other. Teff, corn, sorghum, cotton and sesame are important cash crops.

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  • State: Amhara
  • Country: Ethiopia
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    • Population: 196.8k inhabitants

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