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GeoPoint: 8.33333 , -13.0667  
CountrySierra Leone

About Bathkump

Bathkump is a village in the Rural District in the Western Area of Sierra Leone. Bathkump is located about twenty miles east of Freetown. The major economic activity in Bathkump is farming. Bathkump is within very close proximity to its neighboring village of . The large majority of the population of Bathkump are Muslims, and the Temne people make up the vast majority of the population in Bathkump. The Bondo Society is a prevalent traditional values in Bathkump. Bathkump has its own directly elected village council local government, headed by a Village Head, though it is part of the much larger Western Area Rural District Council. The current Village Head of Bathkump is Hassan J. Kamara, who was elected Village Head of Bathkump in the 2013 Bathkump Village Head election, conducted by the Sierra Leone National Electoral Commission.

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