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Beltola is a prime residential area in the southern part of Guwahati, Assam. Mythical sources claimed that the word Beltola comes from the word Bilvapatra, which means leaves of Bael tree, used in religious ceremonies. It was said that in olden day's large quantities of Bael tree leaves were sent to Kamakhya Temple to be used in rituals. It was from that time the place is called as Beltola.[1] It is an adjoining area of the Dispur Capital Complex, the capital of Assam. The area has seen rapid growth since the 1980s and its southern periphery is today extended up to the National Highway-27 (NH-27) in the extreme south of the city.It covers area of about 2.53 km² or 27,221,804.44 ft². Beltola Bazar in the central part of Beltola is a traditional bi-weekly fruits and vegetables market with historic importance. The market has been continuing since historic past and is an important traditional trading point between the people from the Khasi hills (Meghalaya) and the local people. It is a rich market with various types of local food products. Previously, Beltola was also the seat for a small protectorate of Ahom Kingdom, principally assisting administration of the Borphukan and in maintaining relations with the communities of Khasi Hills. The Rani or the Queen of Beltola is a popular historic figure in the locality. Beltola was in the news when on 24 November 2007 an Adivasi rally turned violent leading to arson and clashes. This led to further trouble in the rest of state. Situation leading to the violence in Beltola are unclear and may be manipulated. Third party involvement also cannot be denied.

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