Bendoc, Victoria

Victoria, Australia


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About Bendoc

Bendoc is a locality in the Shire of East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. It sits on the Bendoc River. In the 2016 census, Bendoc had a population of 115 people. It was a mining town for many years after the discovery of gold in the Bendoc River in the 1850s, with dairying and sawmilling replacing mining as local industries in later years. The population decreased over time, from about 500 in 1903 to 210 in 1911 and 90 in 1933. The town now contains the Bendoc Hotel (also known as the Commercial Hotel), the Bendoc Hall, a post office, police station, church, cemetery and Country Fire Authority brigade. The town also has a progress association, which operates a neighbourhood house and library outreach centre. Bendoc Police Station opened in 1869. Bendoc Post Office opened on 1 January 1896 and became a licensed post office on 14 July 1994. The Bendoc Cemetery was gazetted on 17 June 1892, replacing an earlier cemetery used from the late 1880s. It closed in 1925 but was reopened in the 1990s and is managed by the Bendoc Cemetery Trust. The was built in 1903 and is now listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. It continues to be owned by a community trust and is used by Anglicans, Catholics and Prebyterians. It is described as a "rare and perhaps unique surviving example of a Union church till used for its original purpose and still owned by a community trust". Bendoc State School (No. 1166) opened in 1873, replacing an earlier fee-paying school, and closed in 1987. The building remains in the grounds of the town's SES facility. A second school, Bendoc Lower State School (No. 3267) opened on 8 September 1896 and closed in December 1956. The building is now used by the town's fishing club, while a third school, North Bendoc State School (No. 3801) opened on 18 April 1913 and closed on 22 April 1941. A Court of Petty Sessions opened at Bendoc on 1 November 1966. The state Law Department, which had recommended against its construction, held that the court "should not be visited by a magistrate except in special circumstances". It became a Magistrates' Court in 1971 along with other Courts of Petty Sessions and closed on 1 January 1983. It heard only 29 cases between 1976 and 1981. Much of the broader Bendoc locality, particularly in the southern half, is part of state or national parks, variously the Bendoc State Forest, Bonang State Forest and Errinundra National Park. The heritage-listed Delegate River Diversion Tunnel sits near the boundary with Delegate River, while several surviving relics and sites from the mining era are locally heritage listed. The town was threatened by the 2019-20 East Gippsland bushfires, during which it was subject to an evacuation order. The town was cut off for several days after the blaze cut the main highway into East Gippsland, and was one of the last communities to be reached by rescue services.

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  • State: Victoria
  • Country: Australia
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    • Population: 115 inhabitants

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