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GeoPoint: 15.1448 , 73.9582  

About Betul

Betul is a coastal town located in South Goa District, Goa, India. It is one hour distance from Margao. It is known for its beach. The Sal river drains into the Arabian sea near Betul. The place is also home to the . The Archaeological sites of South Goa are at present in deplorable conditions, lying unprotected and vulnerable to threats. The Betul Fort lie in ruins waiting for attention and sympathy. The , which was built on the orders of Shivaji Maharaj in 1679 (1676?) on the mouth of River Sal at Betul, still remains to be notified as a site of Archaeological importance. This fort till recent years had no signage or notification of the fort existing at this place. History Lovers Group of Goa along with the like minded people took up the task and erected a board of giving its historic importance. However, this fort is still not recognised by the State Archives and Archaeology department as a heritage site.

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