Bhagwanpura, Haryana

Kurukshetra, Haryana, India


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About Bhagwanpura, Haryana

Bhagwanpura, also known as Bhagpura, is a village in Thanesar sub-district of Kurukshetra district, Haryana, India. It is an archaeological site that lies on the bank of Hakra Ghaggar channel. Situated 24 km northeast of Kurukshetra, the site is notable for showing an overlap between the late Harappan and Painted Grey Ware cultures. Painted Grey Ware is generally associated with the Vedic people, so this area can be said as the junction of two great civilizations of India. An archaeological museum at Sheikh Chilli's Tomb complex in Thanesar established by the Archaeological Survey of India consists of archaeological finds like a humped bull-shaped carnelian pendant, terracotta beads and semi-precious stones from sites in Bhagwanpura.

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archeological siteindo-aryan archaeological sitesindus valley civilisation sitessarasvati riversettlement

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  • County: Kurukshetra
  • State: Haryana
  • Country: India
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