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GeoPoint: 26.3506 , 85.96  

About BhojPandaul or Bhojparaul

Bhoj Pandaul or Bhojparaul is a village situated around 15 km from Madhubani, district headquarters of Madhubani district, Bihar state, India. The village has an area of 5-6 square kilometers and a population of approximately 8000. The village lies in the Bisfi Block and Bhojpandaul Panchayat. this village has the history of producing great, talented engineers and educated persons who are making their motherland named bhojpandaul proud. There is a very famous temple of Goddess Durga and other deities in this village. These statues are centuries old and have archaeological importance.

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  • Country: India
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    • Population: 8k inhabitants

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