Bilaspur, Ganjam



GeoPoint: 19.5229 , 84.9442  

About Bilaspur

Bilaspur is a small village located in the Khalikote block of Ganjam District, India. It comes under Khalikote legislative assembly and Aska Lok Sabha seat. It was started as a Brahmana Sashana (a village inhibited by Brahmins) on a land donated by the then King of Khalikote. There are around 60 houses in the village, and the population is around 300. The primary occupation of the populace is predominantly agriculture, in addition to many of the villagers practice priesthood and karma kanda (Hindu rituals). The River flows to the north of the village, and provides irrigation for the village. It's not a perennial river.

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administrative districtdistrictsettlementvillage

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  • Country: India
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    • Population: 300 inhabitants

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