Camotes Sea

Camotes Islands, Philippines


GeoPoint: 10.5 , 124.333  

About Camotes Sea

The Camotes Sea is a small sea within the Philippine archipelago, situated between the Eastern Visayan and the Central Visayan regions. It is bordered by the islands of Leyte to the north and east, Bohol to the south, and Cebu to the west. It contains the Camotes Islands, Lapinig Island, Olango Island, Mactan Island, and various other small islets. The sea is connected to the Visayan Sea to the northwest. It is connected to the Bohol Sea (also called the Mindanao Sea) in two ways: to the SW by the Cebu Strait (and its 3 channels, the Mactan, the Olango, & the Hilutangan), and to the SE by the Canigao Channel. The Camotes Sea also contains the Danajon Bank, which is a double barrier reef in the Philippines, which is a very rare geological formation, and there are only 6 double barrier reefs in the world. It comprises two sets of large coral reefs that formed offshore on a submarine ridge due to a combination of favorable tidal currents and coral growth in the area.

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maritime southeast asianatural placeoceanseasettlement


camotes hav (sv)camotes-see (de)camotesko itsasoa (eu)camoteszee (nl)laut camotes (in)mar de camotes (ca)mar de camotes (es)mar de camotes (pt)mer des camotes (fr)morze camotes (pl)камотес (ru)камотес (море) (uk)بحر كاموتس (ar)카모테스해 (ko)カモテス海 (ja)卡莫特斯海 (zh)

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  • State: Camotes Islands
  • Country: Philippines
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