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GeoPoint: -41.7458 , -73.7064  
CountryLos Lagos Region

About Carelmapu

Carelmapu (lit. from Mapudungun "Green Land") is a port and town (Spanish: pueblo) at the western end of Chacao Channel, southern Chile. Carelmapu was established by the Spanish in 1602 as San Antonio Ribera de Carelmapu following the Destruction of Seven Cities. In 1643 Carealmapu was sacked and its church vandalized by the Dutch corsair Hendrick Brouwer. On March 6, 1676 Carelmapu received the exhausted survivors of Pascual de Iriarte's expedition to the Strait of Magellan.

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卡雷尔马普 (zh)

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  • Country: Los Lagos Region
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    • Population: 2.9k inhabitants

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