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Chin State (Burmese: ချင်းပြည်နယ်; MLCTS: hkyang: pranynai, pronounced [tɕʰɪ́ɰ̃ pjìnɛ̀]) is a state in western Myanmar. The 36,019-square-kilometre (13,907 sq mi) Chin State is bordered by Sagaing Division and Magway Division to the east, Rakhine State to the south, Bangladesh to the south-west, and the Indian states of Mizoram to the west and Manipur to the north. The population of Chin state is about 478,801 in 2014 census. The capital of the state is Hakha. The state is a mountainous region with few transportation links. Chin State is sparsely populated and remains one of the least developed areas of the country. Chin State has the highest poverty rate of 73% as per the released figures from the first official survey. The official radio broadcasting dialect of Chin is Falam. There are 53 different subtribes and languages in Chin State. There are nine townships in Chin State. Hakha, Thantlang, Falam, Tedim, Tonzang, Matupi, Mindat, Kanpetlet and Paletwa townships. In 1896, it became a part of Pakokku Hill Tracts Districts of British Burma until January 4, 1948.

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chim (estado) (pt)chin (estatua) (eu)chin (staat) (nl)chin (sv)chin-staat (de)ĉin (subŝtato) (eo)čjinský stát (cs)czin (stan) (pl)estado chin (es)état chin (fr)negara bagian chin (in)stato chin (it)xin (ca)чин (штат) (ru)чин (штат) (uk)ولاية تشين (ar)친주 (ko)チン州 (ja)欽邦 (zh)

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  • Country: Myanmar
  • Population Info

    • Population: 478.8k inhabitants
    • Demonyms:
    • Larger Foreign Communities: Daai Chin, Hmar, Mara, Paite, Zo

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