Aley, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


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About Choueifat

Choueifat (Arabic: شويفات‎, also transliterated Shuwayfat) is one of the biggest and most important cities in southeast of Beirut in Lebanon. The town is a Druze enclave that lies on the eastern side of Beirut's airport. The local population of the city is made up of mostly Druze and Christians minority, but in the last 25 years, many Beirutis have moved in to escape the capital's high rents, while many southerners have found Choueifat a good alternative to the crowded southern suburb known as Dahieh. Choueifat is the home city of the Lebanese Prince Talal Arslan and to other members of the Arslan family. The first mayor of Choueifat was Fareed Nabhan Choukier in 1893. Its current mayor as of 2018 is Ziad Haidar.

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administrative districtdistrictsettlementvillage


shueyfat (it)شويفات (لبنان) (ar)

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  • County: Aley
  • State: Mount Lebanon
  • Country: Lebanon
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