Amhara, Ethiopia

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Delanta (Amharic ደላንታ) is one of the woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Part of the South Wollo Zone, Delanta is bordered on the south by the Beshilo River]] which separated it from the Debub Wollo Zone, on the west by the Dawunt, on the northwest by Wadla, and on the northeast and east by Guba Lafto. The major town is Wegeltena. Delanta was part of former Dawuntna Delant woreda.Now, opal mineral is known in the provinceDelanta was modernly found by the local minister of the society (delanta) before 100 of years he is leule setegn alemayehu.

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  • State: Amhara
  • Country: Ethiopia
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    • Population: 138.8k inhabitants

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