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About Gamhariya

Gamhariya (formerly known as Gamhariya Gardaul) is a Village Development Committee in Sarlahi District in the Janakpur Zone of south-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 8000 people residing in 674 individual households. It has two sub villages small Palsi which is hardly 1 km east of the village and other is called Ganesiya which is located at south of the village which is also 1 km. North Ganesiya is associate with Gamhariya identified by ward no 6 and south part is located in Musaili VDC. Total population of the village has 8000 as per 2011 census where male 4400 and female 3600. Ratio of the VDC is 60% farmers, 20% business men and rest of the population is professional. Yearly GDP of VDC is 12% and this is one of the developed and successful VDC of Sarlahi compare to other VDCs which is located at 2 km from headquarters Malangwa, Sarlahi. Neighboring Villages Gamhariya is neighbourhood of Malangwa Municipality which is hardly 2 km far in south. In north Salempur village development committee distance 2.5 km. Similarly in north-east Brahampuri distance 3 km and south-east Bhelhi is located with same distance. Aurahi and Sagardina have same distance 2.5 km located in west and north-west accordingly. At last Motipur is South-west which 3 km from Gamhariya.

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  • Country: Nepal
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    • Population: 8k inhabitants

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