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About Gash-Barka Zone

Gash-Barka (Tigrinya: ጋሽ-ባርካ, Italian: Regione di Gasc-Barca) is one of the six regions of Eritrea. It is situated in the south-west of the country, bordering the Anseba region to the north, and the Maekel (Central) and Debub (Southern) regions to the east; the country of Sudan lies to the west and Ethiopia to the south. The capital of Gash-barka is Barentu. Other towns include Agordat (the former capital), Molki, and Teseney. As of 2005, the region had a population of 708,800 compared to a population of 625,100 in 2001. The net growth rate was 11.81 per cent. The total area of the province was 33,200 km2 and the density was 21.35 persons per km2., making up roughly one-third of Eritrea. The region is dubbed as the "breadbasket" of the country as it is rich in agriculture. The region is also rich in marble, and other important minerals, including gold. In , there are some old mineshafts and machinery from the days when the Italians mined gold here. The People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) (formerly Eritrean People's Liberation Front), an authoritarian government, rules the country and the region. The regional and local elections are conducted on a periodic basis on a restricted framework. All men and women of any ethnic or religious background are eligible to vote. No parties or groups other than PFDJ are allowed to contest and the elections are presided by representatives from PDFJ.

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gash-barka (de)gash-barka (nl)gash-barka (pt)gash-barka region (en)gash-barkaregionen (sv)gasz-barka (pl)regió de gash-barka (ca)región de gash-barka (es)region gash-barka (in)regione di gasc-barca (it)гаш-барка (ru)гаш-барка (uk)가시바르카 주 (ko)ガシュ・バルカ地方 (ja)加什-巴爾卡區 (zh)

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  • Country: Eritrea
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    • Population: 1.1M inhabitants

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