Ekiti, Nigeria


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About Gbonyin

Aiyekire (or Gbonyin) is a Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria. The Geographical entity known as Gbonyin Local Government was created in October 1, 1996 out of Ekiti East Local Government having High Chief Zacheaus Adebowale Ofi as the pioneer chairman. Upon the creation of Ekiti State in October 1, 1996, Gbonyin Local Government (officially named Ayekire in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) is one of the sixteen Local Government created with the headquarters at Ode Ekiti. The Local Government is predominantly a homogenous society and carefully populated by Yoruba speaking people of the South West Zone of Nigeria. The Religions are mainly Christian and Islamic while a percentage of the people are Traditional religion worshipers. The Local Government is made up of 8 major towns and several villages. All the towns have recognized traditional rulers (Obas).

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aiyekire (gbonyin) (es)

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  • State: Ekiti
  • Country: Nigeria
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