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About Genieri

Genieri is a village in mid-central Gambia. It is located in Kiang East District in the Lower River Division. As of 2009, it has an estimated population of 694. The town is twinned with Yate, a town in the United Kingdom, a link that arose in 1986 as an initiative by a group of students. Yate has been active in funding development in Genieri. In 2018, Genieri was struck by a Malaria epidemic, which killed an 18-year old boy. Genieri was able to afford treatment for all cases of Malaria thanks to a donation from Yate, though the village was still severely affected by it and was still recovering as of February 2019. In November of 2018, the people of Genieri financed the development of a self-sufficient water source. Genieri is home to a “Youth Skill Tailoring Centre”, opened in 2014.

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  • Country: United Kingdom
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    • Population: 694 inhabitants

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