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Gil-dong is a dong, neighbourhood of Gangdong-gu in Seoul, South Korea. Exit 1 leads to many different love motels, hoffs, and norae bangs. In this direction it is about 2 km to the Han River. Exit 2 and 3 lead to the post office and a large Korean market. Along the main road on this side of the street, there are retailers and many Korean restaurants. There are also many dentists and norae bangs. On the same street as the post office is a typical outdoor Korean market, made up of mostly fruit, vegetable, fish and ddok sellers. It has become more gentrified lately and shops such as "The Face Shop" have moved in. This market runs the length of gil-dong on this back street. This area back from the main road is made up of many small one-way streets with many villas and traditional Korean houses lining them. Gil-dong has the feel of an older, poorer Korean neighbourhood. There are many families and people riding bikes and buying groceries. The area is starting to change, though, and newer high rises are being built up near the Gildong-Gangdong intersection. The area has relatively few hagwons, and hardly any foreigners live here.

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길동 (ko)

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  • Country: South Korea
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    • Population: 50.6k inhabitants

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