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Hadang (Korean: 하당신도시) is the newly built urban area in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do of South Korea, which aims at accommodating increased population near Muan International Airport and movement of the provincial office. Before announcement of the transfer of office, Mokpo city initially intended to rebuild another area for housing. The project was finalized so until 1999 most of area was leased for marketing, business, housing, and preliminary purpose. Hadang area was actually pertained to Muan county, while Sang-ri annexed to Mokpo to enlarge city area to make several villages like Sangdong, Sinheungdong in this area. Hadang is just beside newly constructed South Jeolla provincial office about 2 km. In addition to several reasons, Hadang meets tipping point of national route for Haenam and Muan with strength of holding Daebul industrial complex. The residential area also borders on coastal area near to the Gatbawi cultural street filled with museums like the National Maritime Museum and Natural history museum. Peace plaza resides in Hadang for celebrating Kim Dae Jung who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000, equipped with music fountain and several outdoor sceneries with lights. However, the development of residential area worsened the transfer of population from old downtown to lose balance of the city. Until now, the depression within old downtown is almost unimaginable in that 3 movie theaters shut down, markets and large-scale local distribution company all moved to Hadang. Shareholders in old town says there are no youngsters to boast local economy.

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하당신도시 (ko)

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