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About Hanuabada

Hanuabada is a coastal village in Papua New Guinea located on the outskirts of the nation's capital, Port Moresby. It is the biggest Village in the Motuan Tribe, It is known commonly amongst the Locals as HB Hanuabada translated in Motu means "big village" and it is located north west of downtown Port Moresby, and has a population of over 15,000. It is a Motuan village and comes under the name which includes both Hanuabada and Elevala. Hanuabada is known for producing a large number of Papua New Guinea's cricket players, including more than half of the current Papua New Guinea national cricket team. This was also the birthplace of the village .The Village is also the Home of Commonwealth Champions Geua Vada Steven Kari and Dika Toua. Out of Papua New Guinea's 9 Commonwealth Games medals 8 comes from Hanua Bada In May 2015, there was a police raid in Hanuabada in which the police of Port Moresby confiscated more than 1,000 bags of betelnuts. The total value of these nut sacks was estimated to be over US$180,000.

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