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La'ilay Adiyabo (Tigrinya: ላዕላይ ኣድያቦ, "Upper ") is one of the woredas in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Semien Mi'irabawi Zone, La'ilay Adiyabo is bordered on the south by Tahtay Koraro, on the southwest by Asigede Tsimbela, on the northwest by Tahtay Adiyabo, on the northeast by the Mareb River which separates it from Eritrea, on the east by the Mehakelegnaw (Central) Zone, and on the southeast by Medebay Zana. The administrative center of this woreda is ; other towns in La'ilay Adiyabo include . Two battles of the Ethiopian Civil War were fought in or near Addi Nebreid by rival groups rebelling against the Derg regime. In July 1976, 500 soldiers of the Ethiopian Democratic Union were surrounded and defeated near Addi Nebreid by an armed group of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) under ("Mussie"). The TPLF captured 125 of their opponent's men, killing or wounding the rest, and capturing a large number of badly needed semi-automatic rifles. The two groups clashed again at Addi Nebreid on 12 March 1977, with the EDU advancing on seven entrenched companies of the TPLF. The fighting raged for two days until the TPLF units, by that point out of ammunition, retreated in good order having inflicted substantial losses on their rivals. "From then on," writes , one of the TPLF commanders in the battle, "the EDU could not proceed through TPLF-held territory without paying a heavy cost to mobilize the feudal and shifta elements in the central region and beyond."

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  • Population: 113.8k inhabitants

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