Longmen Township, Hebei

Laishui, Hebei, China


GeoPoint: 39.5914 , 115.229  

About Longmen Township, Hebei

Longmen Township (simplified Chinese: 龙门乡; traditional Chinese: 龍門鄉; pinyin: Lóngmén Xiāng; lit.: 'dragon door') is a township of Laishui County in the foothills of the Taihang Mountains of western Hebei province, China, located about 46 kilometres (29 mi) northwest of the county seat. As of 2011, it has 20 villages under its administration.

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龙门乡 (涞水县) (zh)

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  • County: Laishui
  • State: Hebei
  • Country: China
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