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What is APG II system?

The APG II system (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II system) of plant classification is the second, now obsolete, version of a modern, mostly molecular-based, system of plant taxonomy that was published in April 2003 by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group. It was a revision of the first APG system, published in 1998, and was superseded in 2009 by a further revision, the APG III system.

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APG II (ca)APG II (ja)APG II 분류 체계 (ko)APG II-systeem (nl)Classification APG II (fr)Classificazione APG II (it)Lista över växtfamiljer efter ordning (sv)Sistem klasifikasi APG II (in)Sistema APG II (pt)Sistema de clasificación APG II (es)Systém APG II (cs)System APG II (pl)Система APG II (ru)被子植物APG II分类法 (修订版) (zh)

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