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What is Abel's test?

In mathematics, Abel's test (also known as Abel's criterion) is a method of testing for the convergence of an infinite series. The test is named after mathematician Niels Henrik Abel. There are two slightly different versions of Abel's test – one is used with series of real numbers, and the other is used with power series in complex analysis. Abel's uniform convergence test is a criterion for the uniform convergence of a series of functions dependent on parameters.

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Abel criterionAbel's criterionAbel's Uniform Convergence Test


Abels sats (sv)Kriterium von Abel (de)Kryterium Abela (pl)Teste de Abel (pt)Ознака Абеля (uk)Признак Абеля (ru)아벨 판정법 (ko)阿贝尔判别法 (zh)

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