Ad Nauseam

(Logical Fallacy)


Logical Fallacy
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What is Ad nauseam?

Ad nauseam is a Latin term for argument or other discussion that has continued to the point of nausea. For example, "this has been discussed ad nauseam" indicates that the topic has been discussed extensively and those involved have grown sick of it. The fallacy is also called argumentum ad infinitum (to infinity), and argument from repetition.

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Ad naseumAd nauseumAd nausiumAd nosiumAdnosiumArgument by repetitionArgument from repetitionArgumentum Ad InfinitumArgumentum ad nauseamArgumentum ad nauseumNauseum


Argument ad nauseam (ca)Argumento ad nauseam (es)Argumentum ad nauseam (fr)Argumentum ad nauseam (pt)訴諸反覆 (zh)

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