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Guitar Performance Technique
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What is Air instrument?

In the context of musical performance, air instruments are imaginary musical instruments for which people mimic the sound-producing gestures in the air without touching a real instrument. In simple words air instruments are the musical instruments which could be played without touching the real instrument. Air instruments include: * air guitar – for electric guitar or acoustic guitar; * air bass – for bass guitar; * air drums – for snare drums, bongos or bass drum, or most commonly air drum set often with double bass pedals; * air keyboards – such as air piano for piano; * air violin – for violin or cello; * air flute – for flute (or piccolo); * air xylophone – for the xylophone; * air trumpet – for trumpet (as opposed to car/boat air trumpet horns); * air trombone – for trombone. There are other air instruments as well.

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