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What is Arc (projective geometry)?

An (simple) arc in finite projective geometry is a set of points which satisfies, in an intuitive way, a feature of curved figures in continuous geometries. Loosely speaking, they are sets of points that are far from "line-like" in a plane or far from "plane-like" in a three-dimensional space. In this finite setting it is typical to include the number of points in the set in the name, so these simple arcs are called k-arcs. An important generalization of the k-arc concept, also referred to as arcs in the literature, are the (k, d)-arcs.

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archive formatarrangementcomputer file formatcross-platform free softwaredata compressiondynamically typed programming languageembedded microprocessorextensionfile formatfilename extensiongeometryincidence geometryinstruction set architecturelisp programming language familyorderingprocessorprogramming languageprojective geometrysequenceserystringsystem on a chip


arcArcArc fileARC FilesArc languageArc shapedArgonaut RISC CorearkCircular arcCurve segmentCurved line segmentGreat arcGreat-circle arcMajor arcSubarcsueThom Henderson


Arco (geometría) (es)Arko (geometrio) (eo)Arku (geometria) (eu)Boog (meetkunde) (nl)Łuk krzywej (pl)Stua (ga)Дуга (геометрія) (uk)قوس (هندسة) (ar)호 (기하학) (ko)弧 (射影幾何学) (ja)

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