Beppo-Levi Space

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What is Beppo-Levi space?

In functional analysis, a branch of mathematics, a Beppo Levi space, named after Beppo Levi, is a certain space of generalized functions. In the following, D′ is the space of distributions, S′ is the space of tempered distributions in Rn, Dα the differentiation operator with α a multi-index, and is the Fourier transform of v. The Beppo Levi space is where |⋅|r,p denotes the Sobolev semi-norm. An alternative definition is as follows: let m ∈ N, s ∈ R such that and define: Then Xm,s is the Beppo-Levi space.

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ベッポ・レヴィ空間 (ja)

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