Bonse'S Inequality



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What is Bonse's inequality?

In number theory, Bonse's inequality, named after H. Bonse, relates the size of a primorial to the smallest prime that does not appear in its prime factorization. It states that if p1, ..., pn, pn+1 are the smallest n + 1 prime numbers and n ≥ 4, then (the middle product is short-hand for the primorial of pn)

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Bonses olikhet (sv)Bonsesche Ungleichung (de)Bonse不等式 (zh)Desigualtat de Bonse (ca)Disuguaglianza di Bonse (it)Inégalité de Bonse (fr)Nierówność Bonsego (pl)Нерівність Бонсе (uk)

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