Calcium–Aluminium-Rich Inclusion

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What is Calcium–aluminium-rich inclusion?

A calcium–aluminium-rich inclusion or Ca–Al-rich inclusion (CAI) is a submillimeter- to centimeter-sized light-colored calcium- and aluminium-rich inclusion found in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites. The four CAIs that have been dated using the Pb-Pb chronometer yield a weighted mean age of 4567.30 ± 0.16 Myr. As CAIs are the oldest dated solids, this age is commonly used to define the age of the Solar System.

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Ca-Al-rich inclusionCa-Al-rich inclusionsCa–Al-rich inclusionsCalcium-aluminium-rich inclusionCalcium-Aluminum-Inclusions


Calcium-Aluminium-reiche Einschlüsse (de)Inclusion minérale riche en calcium et en aluminium (fr)Inclusione ricca di calcio e alluminio (it)

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