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What is Cat's cradle?

Cat's cradle is one of the oldest games in recorded human history, and involves creating various string figures, either individually or by passing a loop of string back and forth between two or more players. The true origin of the name is debated, though the first known reference is in The light of nature pursued by Abraham Tucker in 1768. The type of string, the specific figures, their order, and the names of the figures vary. Independent versions of this game have been found in indigenous cultures throughout the world, including in Africa, Eastern Asia, the Pacific Islands, Australia, the Americas, and the Arctic.

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Aya ito toriCat CradleCat's cradleCats CradleCats' CradleHexenspielKang sok


Abnehmspiel (de)Berceau du chat (fr)Ripiglino (it)Ниточка (игра) (ru)

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