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What is Coenocyte?

A coenocyte (English: ) is a multinucleate cell which can result from multiple nuclear divisions without their accompanying cytokinesis, in contrast to a syncytium, which results from cellular aggregation followed by dissolution of the cell membranes inside the mass. The word syncytium in animal embryology is used to refer to the coenocytic blastoderm of invertebrates. A coenocytic cell is referred to as a coenobium (plural coenobia), and most coenobia are composed of a distinct number of cells, often as a multiple of two (4, 8, etc.). Research suggests that coenobium formation may be a defense against grazing in some species.

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Cenòcit (ca)Cenocito (eo)Cenocito (es)Cenócito (pt)Coenocytium (nl)مدمج خلوي (ar)多核体 (ja)

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