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What is CryoEDM?

CryoEDM is a particle physics experiment aiming to measure the electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron to a precision of ~10−28ecm. The name is an abbreviation of cryogenic neutron EDM experiment. The previous name nEDM is also sometimes used, but should be avoided where there may be ambiguity. The project follows the Sussex/RAL/ILL nEDM experiment, which set the current best upper limit of 2.9×10−26ecm. To reach the improved sensitivity, cryoEDM uses a new source of ultracold neutrons (UCN), which works by scattering cold neutrons in superfluid helium. The experiment is located at the Institut Laue–Langevin in Grenoble. The collaboration includes the nEDM team from Sussex University and RAL, as well as new collaborators from Oxford, and Kure, Japan. The collaboration is remarkably small for a modern particle physics experiment (around 30 people). In 2008 the experiment was ranked as an alpha 5 (top priority) project by STFC, together with the much larger CERN experiments: ATLAS and CMS.

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Cryogenic neutron EDM experimentSussex/RAL/ILL neutron EDM experiment

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