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What is Dahlgren system?

One of the modern systems of plant taxonomy, the Dahlgren system was published by monocot specialist Rolf Dahlgren in 1975 and revised in 1977, and 1980. However, he is best known for his two treatises on monocotyledons in 1982 and revised in 1985. His wife Gertrud Dahlgren continued the work after his death. Dahlgren ranked the dicotyledons and monocotyledons as subclasses of the class of flowering plants (angiosperms) and further divided them into superorders. Originally (1975) he used the suffix -anae, as did Cronquist, to designate these, but in 1980 changed this to -florae in accordance with Thorne. In the 1989 revision, published by his wife, the alternate names Magnoliidae and Liliidae were dropped in favour of Dicotyledon and Monocotyledon, and the suffix -florae reverted to -anae (e.g. Alismatanae for Alismatiflorae). Reveal provides an extensive listing of Dahlgren's classification. (Note the synonyms, both nomenclatural and taxonomic, for each name in the system.)

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Dahlgren's system


Classification de Dahlgren (fr)Dahlgren-systeem (nl)Dahlgrenův systém (cs)Sistema Dahlgren (ca)Sistema de Dahlgren (pt)System Dahlgrena (pl)نظام دالغرين لتصنيف النباتات (ar)ダールグレン体系 (ja)

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