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Date And Time Representation By Country
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What is Date and time notation in Russia?

In Russia, dates are usually written in "day month year" (DMY) order. This order is used in both the all-numeric date (for example "28.08.17") and the expanded form (for example "28 августа 2017 г.". Note: The trailing "г" is short for "года" ("of the year"). Coincidentally, in Polish the word for year is "rok", so a similar date format is used by the Poles e.g. 1987r). Single-digit numbers for day or month may have a preceding zero (for example "28.08.2017") is more usual. When saying the date, it is usually pronounced using the ordinal number of the day first (in neutral grammatical gender), then the month in genitive case (for example "Двадцать восьмое августа"). The first day of the week in Russia is Monday.

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