Drift Diving

(Underwater Diving Procedure)


Underwater Diving Procedure
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What is Drift diving?

Drift diving is a type of scuba diving where the diver is transported by the water movement caused by the tide, an ocean current or in a river. The choice whether to drift dive depends on the purpose of the dive, and whether there is an option. At some sites there is almost always a current running, and at others the strength and direction of water movement may vary with the tide, or other driving forces, like wind or recent rainfall. At some sites there may be considerable variation in visibility and marine life activity based on the speed and direction of flow. The current gives the diver the impression of flying and allows the diver to cover long distances underwater, possibly seeing more habitats and formations than usual. Often drift diving is performed more for the experience of underwater "flight" and less for interactions with underwater life, which, given the speed at which most divers move, are reduced.

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underwater diving procedure


Immersione in corrente (it)Strömungstauchen (de)Дрейф (ныряние) (ru)

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