Ecological Fallacy

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Logical Fallacy
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What is Ecological fallacy?

An ecological fallacy (also ecological inference fallacy or population fallacy) is a formal fallacy in the interpretation of statistical data that occurs when inferences about the nature of individuals are deduced from inferences about the group to which those individuals belong. 'Ecological fallacy' is a term that is sometimes used to describe the fallacy of division, which is not a statistical fallacy. The four common statistical ecological fallacies are: confusion between ecological correlations and individual correlations, confusion between group average and total average, Simpson's paradox, and confusion between higher average and higher likelihood.

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fallacyinformal fallacylogical fallacymisconceptionmisuse of statistic


Ecological inference fallacyPopulation fallacySpecification bias


Błąd ekologiczny (pl)Ecologische fout (nl)Ekologická chyba (cs)Erreur écologique (fr)Falacia ecológica (es)Ökologischer Fehlschluss (de)مغالطة بيئية (ar)생태오류 (ko)區群謬誤 (zh)

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