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What is Engler system?

One of the prime systems of plant taxonomy, the Engler system was devised by Adolf Engler (1844–1930), and is featured in two major taxonomic texts he authored or coauthored. His influence is reflected in the use of the terms "Engler School" and "Engler Era". Engler's starting point was that of Eichler who had been the first to use phylogenetic principles, although Engler himself did not think that his was.

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Engler and PrantlEngler's systemEnglerian system


Classification d'Engler (fr)Engler-systeem (nl)Englerův systém (cs)Sistema de clasificación de Engler (es)Sistema Engler (it)Sistema Engler (pt)System Englera (pl)Systematik der Pflanzen nach Engler (de)

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