Essential Singularity

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What is Essential singularity?

In complex analysis, an essential singularity of a function is a "severe" singularity near which the function exhibits odd behavior. The category essential singularity is a "left-over" or default group of isolated singularities that are especially unmanageable: by definition they fit into neither of the other two categories of singularity that may be dealt with in some manner – removable singularities and poles.

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An Essential SingularityEssential singular pointEssential singularities


Esenca specialaĵo (eo)Essentiële singulariteit (nl)Singularidad esencial (es)Singularitat essencial (ca)Суттєво особлива точка (uk)Существенно особая точка (ru)본질적 특이점 (ko)本质奇点 (zh)真性特異点 (ja)

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