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What is Fingerstick?

In medicine, some blood tests are conducted on capillary blood obtained by fingerstick (or fingerprick) (or, for neonates, by an analogous heelprick). The site, free of surface arterial flow, where the blood is to be collected is sterilized with a topical germicide, and the skin pierced with a sterile lancet. After a droplet has formed, capillary blood is captured in a capillary tube (usually relying on surface tension). Blood cells drawn from fingersticks have a tendency to undergo hemolysis, especially if the finger is "milked" to obtain more blood.

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actactivityassayattemptbiopsyblood testdiagnostic testeventtest


prélèvement de sang capillaire sur le doigtpunción digitalوخز الإصبع


finger prickfinger stickfinger-stickfingerprickheelprickpuncion digital

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