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What is Flag of Burundi?

The original national flag of Burundi (Kirundi: ibendera ry'Uburundi) was adopted after the country's independence from Belgium on 1 July 1962. It went through several revisions and now consists of a white saltire which divides the field into alternating red and green areas. The center of the saltire merges into a white disk, on which there are three red solid six-pointed stars outlined in green. The current ratio is 3:5, which was changed from 2:3 on 27 September 1982.

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Bandeira do Burundi (pt)Bandera de Burundi (ca)Bandera de Burundi (es)Bandiera del Burundi (it)Bendera Burundi (in)Burundis flagga (sv)Burundská vlajka (cs)Drapeau du Burundi (fr)Flaga Burundi (pl)Flagge Burundis (de)Vlag van Burundi (nl)Σημαία του Μπουρούντι (el)Прапор Бурунді (uk)Флаг Бурунди (ru)علم بوروندي (ar)부룬디의 국기 (ko)ブルンジの国旗 (ja)布隆迪国旗 (zh)

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