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What is Flag of Jordan?

The flag of Jordan, officially adopted on 16 April 1928, is based on the 1917 flag of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The flag consists of horizontal black, white, and green bands that are connected by a red chevron. The colors stand are the Pan-Arab Colors, representing the Abbasid (black band), Umayyad (white band), and Fatimid (green band) caliphates. The red chevron is for the Hashemite dynasty, and the Arab Revolt.

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🇯🇴Jordanian flag


Bandeira da Jordânia (pt)Bandera de Jordània (ca)Bandera de Jordania (es)Bandiera della Giordania (it)Bendera Yordania (in)Drapeau de la Jordanie (fr)Flaga Jordanii (pl)Flagge Jordaniens (de)Flago de Jordanio (eo)Jordaniako bandera (eu)Jordaniens flagga (sv)Jordánská vlajka (cs)Vlag van Jordanië (nl)Σημαία της Ιορδανίας (el)Прапор Йорданії (uk)Флаг Иордании (ru)علم الأردن (ar)요르단의 국기 (ko)ヨルダンの国旗 (ja)约旦国旗 (zh)

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