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What is Flag of Venezuela?

The current eight stars flag of Venezuela was introduced in 2006. The basic design includes a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue, and red, dating to the original flag introduced in 1811, in the Venezuelan War of Independence. Further modifications have involved including a set of stars, multiple changes to the placement and number of stars and inclusion of an optional coat of arms at the upper-left corner.

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🇻🇪Venezuelan flag


Bandeira da Venezuela (pt)Bandera de Veneçuela (ca)Bandera de Venezuela (es)Bandiera del Venezuela (it)Bendera Venezuela (in)Drapeau du Venezuela (fr)Flaga Wenezueli (pl)Flagge Venezuelas (de)Flago de Venezuelo (eo)Venezuelako bandera (eu)Venezuelas flagga (sv)Venezuelská vlajka (cs)Vlag van Venezuela (nl)Σημαία της Βενεζουέλας (el)Прапор Венесуели (uk)Флаг Венесуэлы (ru)علم فنزويلا (ar)베네수엘라의 국기 (ko)ベネズエラの国旗 (ja)委内瑞拉国旗 (zh)

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