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What is Flag of Western Sahara?

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, commonly known as Western Sahara, uses a national flag consisting of a black, white and green horizontal tricolor charged with a red star and crescent in the center stripe and a red chevron at the hoist. It is used on Polisario-controlled areas, while the Moroccan flag is used on the rest of the occupied territory. The flag is a combination of the Pan-Arab colors of black, green, white, and red, and the Islamic symbol of the star and crescent. On 27 February 1976 the flag was adopted as the official flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). It was slightly modified in June 1991. It is said to be designed by El Uali Mustapha Sayed, the first president of the SADR. This flag is commonly referred to as the "flag of Western Sahara".

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Bandeira da República Árabe Saaraui Democrática (pt)Bandera de la República Àrab Saharaui Democràtica (ca)Bandera de la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática (es)Bandiera della Repubblica Democratica Araba dei Sahrawi (it)Bendera Sahara Barat (in)Drapeau de la République arabe sahraouie démocratique (fr)Flaga Sahary Zachodniej (pl)Flagge der Demokratischen Arabischen Republik Sahara (de)Flago de Araba Demokratia Sahara Respubliko (eo)Vlag van de Arabische Democratische Republiek Sahara (nl)Vlajka Saharské arabské demokratické republiky (cs)Σημαία της Δημοκρατίας της Σαχάρας (el)Прапор Сахарської Арабської Демократичної Республіки (uk)Флаг Сахарской Арабской Демократической Республики (ru)علم الصحراء الغربية (ar)서사하라의 국기 (ko)撒拉威阿拉伯民主共和國國旗 (zh)西サハラの国旗 (ja)

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