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What is Frame of reference (marketing)?

In marketing, "frame of reference" is how a new product, service, or concept is seen by the target market. (Morelo, n.d.). This creates a specific picture or idea about or surrounding a product, service, or concept being marketed. This picture can form the basis of a marketing strategy focused on a particular target market, or can be used to compare the product being marketed to other products of a similar vein. Consumers will compare newly introduced or discovered products to other products of which they have prior knowledge or experience with. Frames of reference can also be shaped by consumer's personalities, culture, and history. By categorising their product/service, marketers are able to highlight specific points of parity or points of difference in regards to their product compared to competitor's products. These points can be used to communicate to their target audience why their product should appeal to them more, and can highlight a competitive advantage in their offering. A frame of reference should be established for the new product, service, or concept being introduced into the market at the beginning of the marketing process, so that the target audience can develop a clear and concise understanding of what the product or service is all about, why it has been created, and to communicate exactly what makes it superior to or more attractive than competitor's products. A frame of reference can be constructed or manipulated by marketing communicators to appeal to a target market's specific ideals, perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes. Identifying and appealing to a consumer's core beliefs and attitudes can be instrumental in the effectiveness of a marketing strategy based on a frame of reference, and these beliefs and attitudes can determine or construct a consumer's perception of a brand, product, or service. Key to creating an effective and useful frame of reference is the communicator's ability to understand its target market's perceptions of what they are being marketed. F.O.R. must evolve with changing attitudes or beliefs of consumers. What is less important now may increase in importance in the future due to shifts in consumer values and beliefs.

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Bezugssystem (de)Erreferentzia-sistema (eu)Kerangka acuan (in)Referencial (pt)Referenckadro (eo)Referentiekader (nl)Référentiel (physique) (fr)Sistema de referència (ca)Sistema de referencia (es)Sistema di riferimento (it)Układ odniesienia (pl)Vztažná soustava (cs)Система відліку (uk)Система отсчёта (ru)إطار مرجعي (ar)기준틀 (ko)参考系 (zh)基準系 (ja)

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