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Descriptive Set Theory
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What is Gδ set?

In the mathematical field of topology, a Gδ set is a subset of a topological space that is a countable intersection of open sets. The notation originated in Germany with G for Gebiet (German: area, or neighbourhood) meaning open set in this case and δ for Durchschnitt (German: intersection). The term inner limiting set is also used. Gδ sets, and their dual, Fσ sets, are the second level of the Borel hierarchy.

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descriptive set theorygeneral topology


G deltaG delta setG-deltaG-delta setInner limiting set


Ensemble G-delta (fr)G-дельта-множество (ru)G-дельта-множина (uk)Gδ-mängd (sv)Gδ集合 (ja)Zbiór typu G-delta (pl)

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