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Automotive Transmission Technology
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A giubo (JOO-boh; etymology: giunto Boschi, "Boschi joint"), also known as a flex disc, and sometimes misspelled as guibo, is a flexible coupling used to transmit rotational torque between the drive shaft and the companion flange on mechanical devices, such as an automobile engine. The giubo is made from flexible synthetic rubber and is designed to allow some angular and axial misalignment while reducing driveline vibration in mechanical power transmission applications.

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automotive transmission technologyinstrumentalityrotating shaft couplingyoke


flectorgummikoblinggummikopplingmellomakslingens koblingsskive


boschi jointflex discflexible discgiunto boschiguibogummikoblinghardykoblinghardyskiverotoflexrubber coupling

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