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What is ISO 37000?

ISO 37001 Guidance for the Governance of Organizations -- Requirements' The scope of ISO/NP 37000 is defined as follows: “This document gives guidelines for the governance of organizations. It provides key principles, relevant practices and a framework to guide the governance of organizations in how to meet their responsibilities so that organizations can fulfil their purpose. It is applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size, location, structure or purpose." The ISO 37000 standard is aimed at: Clarifying the distinction between the governance realm and the management realm.Supporting existing national legislation, policy, regulation, or guidance (*).Considering existing international guidance relating to the governance of organizations (*).Proposing a consistent set of recommendations (definitions, framework, practices) for organizations to cope with different environments and stakeholders.Facilitating the setup of a clean and complete design of the governance of an organization, as a system.(*) which are sometimes limited to particular industries, interest groups, fora, or specific kinds of organizations.

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