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What is Isolated point?

In mathematics, a point x is called an isolated point of a subset S (in a topological space X) if x is an element of S but there exists a neighborhood of x which does not contain any other points of S. This is equivalent to saying that the singleton {x} is an open set in the topological space S (considered as a subspace of X). If the space X is a Euclidean space (or any other metric space), then x is an isolated point of S if there exists an open ball around x which contains no other points of S. (Introducing the notion of sequences and limits, one can say equivalently that an element x of S is an isolated point of S if and only if it is not a limit point of S.)

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Geïsoleerd punt (nl)Isolierter Punkt (de)Izolita punkto (eo)Point isolé (fr)Ponto isolado (pt)Punto aislado (es)Punto isolato (it)Titik pencil (in)Zbiór dyskretny (pl)Изолированная точка множества (ru)Ізольована точка (uk)نقطة معزولة (ar)고립점 (ko)孤点 (zh)孤立点 (ja)

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